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A picture of the 1982 single cover

“1982” Single Available Now

1. 1982 (Sunshine Jones Rework)

2. 1982 (New Version)

3. 1982 (Classical Reprise)

About The Single

A track from my album “Childhood”. Electronic musician, founding member of Dubtribe Sound System and my mentor and inspiration Sunshine Jones kindly offered to remix the track, bringing his arsenal of electronic instruments to bear and taking it in a direction DJs could play. My own new version is a remake of the album version.

Equipment Used - Sunshine Jones Rework

Linn LM1, Roland Jupiter-6, Roland Alpha Juno-1, Retroaktiv MPG-50, Oberheim OB-8, Elektron Octatrack, EHX Cathedral, Roland Aira Demora and Squarp Pyramid.

Equipment Used - New Version

Synthstrom Deluge, Roland SH-01A, Roland TR-09, PreSonus AudioBox iTwo and Cockos REAPER.

Equipment Used - Classical Reprise

Yamaha PSR-550, PreSonus AudioBox iTwo and Cockos REAPER.

Released 1 Nov 2019

“1982” Single Available Now